just letting you know what i think...take it or leave it.




   Just been thinking of life. One must stop and appreciate the small things. The friends that get over looked, the ppl who are always there for you and have always been there for you. Dont forget those who were there with you from the begining. Embrace all of lifes gifts and dont be scared to try new things. You only get one try at life. Life is my own Movie. Might as well make it a blockbuster hit and not one of those lame movies that go straight to DVD :/

Just remember not to lose your self or who you are. For if you are not yourself it would all have been worth nothing. Be sure of your decisions and are ready to deal with their concequences.

    All i have to say is

 » GO FOR IT «

 Live your life at full Blast…. as long as you are no hurting anyone or yourself. Just dont forget to stop and smell the roses..however cheesy it may sound :P

-Cesar Verduzco